The Future of Food and Agribusiness in Argentina through 2030, in a world context

This study focuses on the future of agriculture in Argentina. It describes future events that could affect the agriculture industry in this country positively or negatively and asks for your judgments about their potential time-frame, importance, impediments, and impacts on the industry.

The study is conducted in the form of a Real-Time Delphi, which aims to:

  • Collect opinions of experts about relevant critical uncertainties with a high uncertainty level, for subsequently building scenarios for the Argentine food agribusiness.
  • Identify critical technologies for food processing in general, and for the five production chains in particular, which in the future will enable the sustainable development of the Argentine food agribusiness.
  • Explore alternatives for designing a future agenda of Research, Technological Development, and Innovation for Argentina.

The survey is running until April 28, 2012.

If you want to participare, please access the questionnaire at:
study code: food