Women, actors of development for the global challenges

Foresight research process and International Conferences
Liège 2008 - Paris 2011 - New York 2015



Millennia2015 "Women actors of development for the global challenges" is a foresight research process launched by The Destree Institute and its international partners in 2007. Millennia2015 benefits from the patronage of the UNESCO, the support of the International Organization of La Francophonie and the collaboration of The Millennium Project. The research process is built with foresight as a method and the information society as context in solidarity.

Millennia2015 acts for gender equality, women's empowerment and their full participation to political, economic and social decisions, in complementarity with men, in order to build fairer and more ethic futures at the horizon 2025 (


Millennia2015 story

In the context of its missions, The Destree Institute participates in the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) whose innovative concept includes all the stakeholders in its works organized by the United Nations. On the occasion of its sessions in Geneva in 2003 and in Tunis in 2005, Marie-Anne Delahaut, director of research at The Destree Institute and head of its Information Society Unit, has developed a research about "Foresight and governance of the internet" with and international conference, a book and a DVD-book presented to the WSIS in Tunis with the support of the International Organization of La Francophonie (

This work has led Marie-Anne Delahaut to understand the plight of many women at all levels in the world: she has build the idea of a foresight research process on the theme of "Women actors of development for the global challenges". She decided to align its timeline to "2015" in line with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and with the WSIS next session. With the advice of Françoise Massit-Folléa, the process was named "Millennia2015". Philippe Destatte has developed the foresight methodology structured by Marie-Anne Delahaut, in partnership with the Millennium Project. The Community of Millennia2015 is growing and gathers more than 1.000 experts coming from more than 65 countries in 2011. Regional Communities are active as well as International Working Group such as "Women and eHealth" (WeHealth).


Millennia2015 goals and strength

As presented during the 54th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York in March 2010 (, Millennia2015 works with foresight as a method and the information society as context, but operates in solidarity and interaction with those who do not have any access to the information and communication technologies. The process encourages the participation of women and men from all over the world in building fairer and more ethic futures based on the respect of human rights and diversities, as well as on sustainable development. Millennia2015 examines futures issues that will have a strong influence on women’s life in the knowledge society in every country and their responsibilities with regards to their evolution at a global level.


Millennia2015 actions

The Destree Institute is preparing of a 3 hours DVD-book that captures the most relevant sequences of Millennia2015 IT2008 (, available in DivX, as a reference basis for the contributors to Millennia2015 foresight exercise.

Millennia2015 team ( is developing an interactive multidisciplinary searchable knowledge database on Millennia2015 website to mutualize skills and knowledge related to women's development and empowerment, with daily updates (

In line with its methodology presented at the UNESCO ( -, the Foresight Exercise proposes to analyse the 37 variables of Millennia2015 selected from the corpus of Millennia2015 Information Transfer session gathering 62 speakers in Liege in March 2008 ( Many contributors from more than 65 countries have presented their analysis online.

Millennia2015 Women State of the future Index will be built under the leadership of Theodore J. Gordon, in collaboration with The Millennium Project. The results of the foresight exercise will lead to the international conference of "Millennia2015 Action Plan for Women's Empowerment" organized by the UNESCO and The Destree Institute at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris at the end of 2011.


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Marie-Anne Delahaut
Director of Research at The Destree Institute and Founding Head of Millennia2015
Head of the Information Society Unit of The Destree Institute
Member of the board of the Millennium Project Brussels Area Node  -