Some of The Millennium Project studies conducted since 1996

The Millennium Project Studies

Since its beginning in 1991, The Millennium Project has been producing various global foresight studies on specific themes. Some of these studies are available below (most in pdf format).

Artificial General Intelligence Governance System (ongoing since 2022)

Future Work/Technology 2050 (2017-2020)

State of the Future Index (SOFI) (ongoing since 2000)

Real-Time Delphi (RTD)


Exploratory Scenarios (written in 1998)

Global Normative Scenario to the Year 2050 (written in 1999)

Very Long-Range Scenarios––1,000 Years (written in 2000)

Counterterrorism––Scenarios, Actions, and Policies (written in 2002)

Science and Technology 2025 Global Scenarios (written in 2003)

Global Energy Scenarios 2020 (written in 2006)

Middle East Peace Scenarios (written in 2004)

Latin America 2030 Scenarios (written in 2011)

Three Futures of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the USA (written in 2020)

Five UN Foresight Elements of Our Common Agenda; Results of a Real-Time Delphi Study (2022)

Emerging Technologies for Potential Pre-detection of Terrorists and New Counter-Terrorism Strategies (2017)

SIMAD and Lone Wolf Terrorism Prospects and Potential Strategies to Address the Threat (2014)

Hidden Hunger: Unhealthy Food Markets in the Developing World (2013)

Vulnerable Natural Infrastructure in Urban Coastal Zones (2013)

Changing Gender Stereotypes (2012)

Cooperatives 2030: Some Factors Impacting the Future of Cooperatives and Business (2012)

Future of Ontologists (2010)

Environmental Security studies (1997-2010)

Emerging Environmental Security Issues (monthly scanning 2002-2010)

Environmental Security: Emerging International Definitions, Perceptions, and Policy Considerations (1998)

Environmental Security: United Nations Doctrine for Managing Environmental Issues in Military Actions (2000)

Environmental Crimes in Military Actions and the International Criminal Court (ICC)––UN Perspectives (2001)

Future International Environmental Security Issues and Potential Military Requirements over the period of 2010 to 2025 (2002)

Nanotechnology: Future Military Environmental Health Considerations (2005)

Futures Research and Gaps around the World (2009)

Some Elements of the Next Global Economic System over the Next 20 Years (2009)

Government Future Strategy Units and Some Potentials for International Strategic Coordination (2008)

Education and Learning 2030 (2007)

Future Global Ethical Issues (2005)

Measuring and Promoting Sustainable Development (2005)

Global Goals for the Year 2050 (2001)

World Leaders on Global Challenges (2000)

If you wish to receive one of the specific studies that is not linked, please request it.