Discussion Groups

Thank you for your interest in The Millennium Project.

Professional Participants

This list is for professional futurists and related professionals interested in The Millennium Project and/or who have participated in Millennium Project research. Participants are are all busy, so we try not to have too many discussions, but instead use it more for announcements about The Millennium Project. Those interested in joining should send a short statement of their interests and experience in global futures research to Jerome Glenn.

MP Planning Committee

This list is just for the members of The Millennium Project Planning Committee and those who work closely with its members. It includes the Node Chairs, MP sponsors, staff, and some other futurists. If you think you should be on this list and are not, please email Jerome Glenn.

Intern Alumni


This is for former MP Interns, mostly for job postings, fellowships, and occasional updates on the Project. Only open to former Interns. Former Millennium Project Interns can contact Jerome Glenn to be added.

Millennia2025 Women & Innovation Foundation

The foundation’s goal is to realize the activities of the Millennia2015 foresight research process for equality between women and men, respect for human rights, promotion of the human capital and of digital solidarity in order to empower women. Contact Marie-Anne Delahaut, The Destree Institute — Brussels Area Node of The Millennium Project at or register online.

In all cases, if you are sending an email that is just for the person who sent a message to any of these listservs, then send it directly to them, instead of hitting “reply” that goes to everyone on this list. We try to keep email overload to a minimum.

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