South East Europe Node

Sub Node Montenegro

The Sub Node Montengro was established in 2012, in Podgorica, Montenegro, under coordination of the South East European Node. (More on the node to come soon)

Node Chair:
Milan Maric
Director of S&T Montenegro
Podgorica, Montenegro

Node Co-Chairs:
Sanja Vlahovic
Minister of Science of Montenegro

Vujica Lazovic
Deputy Prime Minister
and Minister of Information Society

SEE Node Chair, Blaz Golob giving Bled Forum 2012 GFS annual award, "Sol Omnibus Lucet," to Montenegro Node Chair, Milan Maric.

Science Days annual event of the Ministry of Science included a day for The Millennium Project.

Milan Maric, the Montenegrin Node Chair andSanja Vlahovic, the Minister of Science of Montenegro, one of the Bled Forum keynote speakers focused on The role of Science in Western Balkans.


2012 Activities

2012 MPPC Meeting Node presentation.

Montengro Node organized a special event, with Economic Faculty Montenegro, presenting the Montenegrin translation of the 2011 State of the Future (print edition). Among other high representatives from Montenegro at the Bled Forum was the Deputy Prime Minister, Prof. Dr. Vujica Lazovic and Minister of Science, Prof. Dr. Sanja Vlahovic.

Node Contact:
Milan Maric
Director, S&T Montenegro
Podgorica, Montenegro
tel. +382.20.202.150