Mara Di Berardo

Communications Director – The Millennium Project

Mara Di Berardo, PhD, has been collaborating with The Millennium Project since 2007. She has been Communications Director of The Millennium Project since July 2021 and Co-Chair of it Italy node since 2017.

She has been Communication Officer of the Foresight Europe Network since 2021, consulting member of the Italian Institute for the Future since 2019, Scientific Council member of the Alternative Planetary Futures Institute since 2021, and co-founder of the Italian Futurists Association in 2018.

She has been collaborating with many research institutions and public bodies managing project and communication plans for European and National research projects. She has also been Research Fellow in Communication at the Institute for Applied Mathematics of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) in 2018-1020, and Technologist at the CNR Nanoscience Institute in 2020-2022.

Mara Di Berardo has a PhD in Cultures, Languages and Politics of Communication, with a thesis about structured communication for social participatory planning, and a degree in Communication Sciences, with a thesis about e-government in Public Administrations.