Argentina Node

Date of launch: 1996

Institution hosting the Node: Centro Latinoamericano de Globalización y Prospectiva

Node Co-Chairs: 

  • Miguel Angel Gutierriez
  • Beatriz Elena Plata Martinez

Objective: The Centro LatinoAmericano de Globalización y Prospectiva performs four fudamental functions in the globalization process:

  • Searching for information: It trains its associates in the study of the globalization process through search, and deliveries global information to solve local problems to its associates;
  • Advanced training: it trains its associates in the organization and development of special advanced training programs on Globalization and Foresight through an interactive learning method (computers, local information networks and the Internet) with the support of digital classrooms;
  • Special investigations: It carries out, at the request of its associates and at special costs, investigations on specific topics related to the activity of the associate and the topic of globalization: from company or firm reengineering to new policies and strategies definition at a global scale;
  • Advicing on Globalization and Foresight: It advises, permanently or for special cases, its associates in the development of the aforementioned activities – searching for information, advanced training, special investigations.

Recent activities: Courses, conferences, webinars, journalistic articles, projects


  • Jorge Bernardi
  • Karen Zeolla
  • Adriana Sanchez Rico
  • Johanna Heinberg
  • Julio Burdman


Mendoza (Sub-Node)

Hosting institution: Center for Foresight Studies of Cuyo

Node Co-Chairs: