Silicon Valley Node

Node Chair: Brock Hinzmann, sensemaker, futures research and management consulting; technology roadmapping


  • Provide expertise to RTDs and other MP projects
  • Provide speakers related to futures research methods and technology futures

Recent activities: Download Activity Report 2023 in .pdf

The Silicon Valley Node, first organized with human augmentation and interactive computing pioneer, Douglas C. Engelbart, represents a large, global network of futures researchers, forecasters, and futurists, who conduct their activities independently, for the most part, but who participate in Millennium Project activities on request. Some objectives are:

  • Contributions to organizing and facilitating MP World Futures Day
  • Contribution to recent RTDs on future of AI, scenarios and workshops in the future of technology and work
  • Participation in organizing new Node in Education
  • Participation in annual MO Planning Committee Meetings
  • Representing MP at speaking events in South Korea, Azerbaijan, Honduras
  • Hosting MP visitors visiting Silicon Valley

Node members:

  • Jack Gottsman, Clarity Group
  • Ted Kahn, DesignWorlds for Learning
  • Paul Saffo, forecaster, Stanford University, Singularity University, MP Board Member
  • Bojana Fazerinc, corporate communications consultant