Special Studies – Books

FUTURES Dictionary/Encyclopedia (English and Spanish) (2014)

SIMAD and Lone Wolf Terrorism Prospects and Potential Strategies to Address the Threat (2014)

Latin America 2030 (2009-2011)


Special Studies – Global Scenarios

Future Work/Technology 2050 and Glocal Strategies to Improve Long-Term Prospects (ongoing)

Global Normative Scenario – 2050

Very Long-Range Scenarios – 3000

Global Exploratory Scenarios – 2025

Future S&T Management Policy Issues — 2025 Global Scenarios

Global Energy Scenarios -2020

Three Middle East Peace Scenarios (English, Arabic, and Hebrew)

Latin America Scenarios 2030

Scenarios from the 1997 State of the Future

Annotated Scenarios Bibliography (now continuously updated on GFIS)


Special Studies – MP Library (Free Access)

State of the Future Index (both global and national SOFIs; ongoing)

Egypt’s Integrated Synergetic Intelligence System (E-ISIS) (ongoing)

Hidden Hunger: Unhealthy Food Markets in the Developing World (2013)

Vulnerable Natural Infrastructure in Urban Coastal Zones (2013)

Cooperatives 2030: Some Factors Impacting the Future of Cooperatives and Business (2012)

Environmental Security (several studies conducted in the period 1998-2011)

Changes to Gender Stereotypes (2011)

Future Arts, Media, and Entertainment: Seeds for 2020 (2011)

Future Hopes and Fears: a Kuwait Perspective (2010-2011)

Egypt 2020 (2010)

Some Elements of the Next Global Economic System (2009)

Future of Ontologists (2009)

Education and Learning Possibilities by the Year 2030 (2007)

Building Balanced and Adoptive Sectoral Innovation System in Nanotechnology to Accelerate Scientific & Technological Breakthroughs and Improve Human Conditions (2007)

Nanotechnology: Future Military Environmental Health Considerations (2005)

Future Global Ethical Issues (2005)

Evaluation and Organization of Futures Research Methodology -V3.0 (2005)

The World Perceived by the Heart of Europe (2003)

Proposal for an International Global Warming Breakthrough Initiative (2001)

World Leaders on Global Challenges (2000)

Millennium 3000 (2000)

Views from the Millennium Project on the Future of Technology with Implications for Society and the United Nations System (2000)

Factors Required for Successful Implementation of Futures Research in Decisionmaking (1999)

Futures Studies Reports and Papers – in Spanish (1999)

Lessons of History; Final Analysis and Findings (1997)

African Futures 2025 (1994)