Arts and Media Node

Conscious Creativity

Date of launch: 2008

Institution hosting the node: c3: Center for Conscious Creativity, Los Angeles, California

Node Chair: Kate McCallum, Producer/Writer

Objective: To bring attention to the creative arts and media communities about the 15 Global Challenges and futurist methodologies.

Recent activities: We have been producing the STATE OF THE ARTS events and FutureVision Award.

Node members:

  • Marco Bevolo, Netherlands
  • LeVar Burton, United States
  • Sandra de Castro Buffington, United States
  • Klaus Haasis, GermanyBrendan
  • Harkin, Australia
  • Dana Klinasin, United States
  • Ed Lantz, United States
  • Dongchang Liu, China
  • Mark Riva, United States

Los Angeles Subnode members:

  • Jeanette DePatie, Producer, Writer, Owner Propellerhead, Chair Broadband Committee/Co-Chair Documentary/Nonfiction Committee at Producers Guild of America
  • Kathy Eldon, Producer, Writer, Founder Creative Visions Foundation and Creative Visions Productions
  • James Fino, Visual FX Artist and Producer, Co-Owner 23D Films, Co-Chair Producers Guild of America New Media Council
  • Ron James, Director, Writer, Producer, Ron James Television
  • Alexandra Leh, Writer, Producer, Director, Singer, Founder LaCheraqui Media, President Art of Sound for Bridge Arts Media
  • Jahna Perricone, Singer, Performer, Voice Teacher Co-Owner
  • Michael Perricone, Producer, Screenwriter, Sound Designer, Musician, Owner, Lotus Post, Co-Owner
  • Patty Rangel, Hybrid Reality Producer
  • Alison Savitch, Producer, Owner Digital Fortress, Chair Producers Guild of America New Media Council
  • Michele Scarabelli, Actress, Producer, Program Coordinator c3: Center for Conscious Creativity
  • Brad Schreiber, Playwright, Screenwriter, Author, Journalist, Essayist, Literary Consultant and Instructor, Actor and Producer
  • Bita Shafipour, Producer, Director, Partner Socially Conscious Arts Productions
  • Robert Terchek, Interative Content Producer, Media Futurist, Speaker, Painter, Executive Consultant, Professor