Brazil Node

Date of launch: 2000

Institutions hosting the Node:

Node Co-Chairs: 

  • Arnoldo de Hoyos, graduation and post – graduation professor PUCSP Sao Paulo Catholic University
  • Rosa Alegria, professional futurist and foresight consultant


  • Fostering collaborative research regarding future studies concerning advances on Innovation and Sustainability
  • Developing Synthetic Indexes to follow up changes at the local (country) and global level (that may help in Strategic Foresight).
  • Promote Futures Literacy among teachers and students.

Recent activities: Download Activity Report 2023 in .pdf

  • Member of the Organizing Commitee of the International Conferences on Innovation and Managment – ICIM
  • Arnoldo de Hoyos Editor of the Journal on Innovation and Sustainability – RISUS
  • Rosa Alegria member of the board of WFSF World Futures Studies Federation
  • Rosa Alegria, Teach the Future Global (member of the board and the core-team) and Teach the Future Brazil (director)
  • On charge of the Global Observatory – ORIBER
  • Diffusion of MP studies/research
  • Presentations and classes with the 15 global challenges
  • Futures Literacy
  • Sustainability indicators

Node members:

  • Jano de Souza
  • Yuri Lima
  • Gustavo Machado
  • Diego Maffazzioli


Happy to be part for decades of the Millennium Project, that was established as a TransInstitutional Organization at a meeting at our University decades ago.

Arnoldo de Hoyos