Brussels Area Node

Date of launch: 2002

Institution hosting the Node: The Destree Institute 

Node Co-Chairs:

Objectives: Objectives of the nodes are to participate in the network of the Millennium Project, to contribute to its work, to its notoriety, and in particular to assume more fluid links with the international institutions located in Brussels. To contribute to the development of a European network of foresight. Thus, the Destree Institute was at the origin, with Z_Punkt and the Finland Futures Academy of EuMPI, the European Millennium Project Node Initiative, created in San Francisco and then at the European Parliament in Brussels in 2003 and which later became the Foresight European Network (FEN).

Recent activities: Download Activity Report 2023 in .pdf

In addition to participating in the activities programmed by the Planning Committee, the Brussels’ Area Node is the carrier, together with The Destree Institute, of the Millennia Foresight initiative on the future of women in the knowledge society, which organizes a large global network and several international conferences, in collaboration with UNESCO. The Node has also contributed to work on anticipating terrorism and on international security issues, notably with NATO.