Cairo Node

Date of launch: 1997

Institution hosting the Node: EAFRA – The Egyptian-Arab Futures Research Association

Node Chair: Kamal Zaky Mahmoud Aly Shaeer, Professor of Male Reproductive Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt.

Objectives: Disseminate awareness, thinking and implementing the futures’ disciplines and methodology, among the public and local decision makers.

Recent activities: Main activity is focused on creating global Futures’ partnerships especially Middle East, MENA, Africa and Arabia. Some other activities are:

  • Millennium Project partnership with ASRT (Academy of Scientific Research and Technology) Cairo, Egypt
  • MP/EC participation on 2nd Cairo International Futures Conference, September 8-9, 2021


  • Dr Ahmad Shawki, professor of genetics and agriculture
  • Dr Dia aldin Zaher, professor of Education
  • Dr Gasser Alhussein, professor of Engineering
  • and many other members of eafra (80)