China Node

Date of launch: 1996

Institution hosting the Node: Center for Technology Innovation and Strategy Studies (CTISS), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences/ Beijing Academy of Soft Technology

Node Co-Chairs: 

Objective: Conducting future research in China.

Recent activities: Download Activity Report 2023 in .pdf

Find some of the publications by the China Node following:

  • The future of Humanity
  • The future of human civilization
  • The essence and space of innovation
  • Technology: Hard technology, Soft technology
  • Hard environment, soft environment
  • Long term strategy and strategic management
  • Sustainable development and China’s practice
  • Future research methodology, such as early warning system


  • Xiaomin CHE, Doctor
  • Zhong Ll,Senior engineer
  • Zheng ZHAO, Professor
  • Hefeng TONG, Doctor
  • Dagang ZHOU, Senior engineer
  • Yudong YANG, Senior engineer
  • Erwu LIU, Professor
  • Jianxun CHU, Professor
  • Keren ZHANG, Doctor
  • Tingting RONG, Doctor
  • Chenyang WANG, Doctor
  • Bin WANG, Senior editor
  • Dongning TANG, Senior Researcher
  • Huabin LI, Senior engineer