Colombia Node

Date of launch: 2005

Institution hosting the Node: Centro de Pensamiento Estratégico y Prospectiva of Universidad Externado de Colombia

Node Co-Chairs: 

Objectives: Spread of long-term thinking through the design, formulation and execution of prospective plans, programs and projects and support for the activities proposed by the Millennium Project.

Recent activities: Some recent activities include the following

  • Professional training (Master’s Degree in Strategic Thinking and Foresight – 27 promotions; Doctorate in Administration (emphasis on future studies))
  • Research. Foresight, Strategy and Leadership research group registered in the Ministry of Science and Technology, with publications in scientific journals)
  • Third mission: Training courses, forums, conferences, consultancy, and support to institutions, etc. (see

The Colombia Node is part of the Red Colombiana de Prospectiva and of the Red Iberoamericana de Prospectiva.

Members of the Node:

  • Francisco Javier Osorio (PhD Public Policy)
  • Luis Antonio Orozco (PhD Business Administration)
  • Mikel Ibarra (Consultant in Organizational Transformation)
  • Alberto Gutiérrez (Phd-c in Business Administration)
  • Viviana Villarraga (Agronomist)
  • Luz Martha Melo (Lawyer and Communicator)
  • Raúl Trujillo (PhD in Business Administration)
  • Francisco López Segrera (Phd in Latin American Studies)