Copenhagen Node

Date of launch: 2021

Institutions hosting the Node: Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, Denmark

Node Chairs: Martin Kruse, Senior Executive Advisor and Futurist

Objective: Representing the MP in Denmark. Too develop future studies and foresight methodology and practices and work on global challenges from a Danish perspective.

Recent activities: Contributing to international MP activities. Some recent 2022 activities are the following:

  • CIFS launched the new FARSIGHT publication with four editions on the future of work, nature, geopolitics, and connectivity. We also launched the FARSIGHT universe, an online destination for insightful articles on the future.
  • We hosted 11 courses with 200 participants from 36 countries, and received an average rating of 4.5 out of 5! We were thrilled to welcome such a diverse group of learners from around the globe, including a lot of Futures Members.
  • We did 10 Futures Seminars featuring expert guests and where our own futurists discussed thought-provoking topics like megatrends, metaverse, foresight, futures literacy, and climate change.
  • The Copenhagen Node of the Millennium Project participated in the debates on the World Futures Day and participated in the Millennium Projects effort to help the UN Executive Office of the Secretary-General to translate proposals for implementation into action.
  • CIFS was awarded a UNESCO Chair in association with Aarhus University within Anticipatory Leadership and Futures Capabilities
  • CIFS started a collaboration with Teach The Future
  • CIFS continued Movement Health, its quest to help secure better healthcare for the world by building resilient Health Care systems working with governments and NGO’s in 26 different countries spanning 6 continents.
  • The National School of Performing Arts in Denmark launched its new Master of Fine Arts in Performing Arts with CIFS as partner. 
  • CIFS continued its long partnership with the Roskilde Festival the largest pop and rock festival in Denmark with 130.000 people participating and volunteering each year. An enormous enclosed social laboratory and an El Dorado for curious urban planners, architects, artists, and technicians, who utilise the unique temporary space to conduct experiments.