Dubai Node

Name of the Node: UAE, Dubai Node

Date of launch: 2007

Institution hosting the Node: Knowledge and Human Development Authority to transition to Dubai Future Foundation

Node Co-Chairs: 

Objectives: Working on Global Challenges & Futures research with governmental & private institutions based in the UAE & Dubai, & plans to expand strategic partnership between MP & UAE futures foundation and foresight department.

Recent activities:

  • Providing RT Delphis & research methods on the futures of national interest
  • Collaborative futures national and MP related research
  • Enhancement of futures research methods and applications in the UAE
  • State of the Future Report

Current Plan:

  • Building global strategic partnership with Dubai Future Foundation to host Dubai Node within the foundation
  • Annual meetings of MP nodes at DFF
  • Considering new nodes in major cities active in futures research such as Abu Dhabi under Dubai MP Node chair network.


  • Ozcan Saritas, Foresight journal editor.