France Node

Name: Prospective Foresight Network

Date of launch: 2003

Institution hosting the Node: Prospective Foresight Consulting

Node Co-Chairs: 


  • Represents the Millennium Project in France with institutions, universities, colleges and companies
  • Participates in Future studies initiated by the Millennium Project
  • Promotes Foresight and Creativity as a decision-making tool and productive force for the future with its website
  • Develops collaborations in Education and Learning to prepare young people for anticipation
  • Through its co-chairs, LaPEA aims to produce knowledge on the processes and factors explaining individual or collective human behavior, based on theoretical models and methods developed mainly in differential, social and cognitive psychology, as well as in ergonomics.

Recent activities:

  • Contribution to International MP studies on line
  • Innovative teaching methods and tools research
  • Organizing events, workshops and seminars
  • Website management