Italy Node

Date of launch: 1997

Node Co-Chairs: 

  • Mara Di Berardo, The Millennium Project Comms Director, PhD in Communication, Consultant
  • Simone Di Zio, Professor in Statistics, University G. D’Annunzio Chieti-Pescara

Objective: Developing futures thinking and contributing to the futures studies field in Italy through projects, courses, communication, networking, and research activities.

Background: The Millennium Project was launched by Prof. Eleonora Barbieri Masini in 1997 and she has remained honorary member and big supporter since her latest days. Over the years, many distinguished experts and professors have contributed to Nodes activities, such as Antonio Pacinelli, Enrico Todisco, and Simone Arnaldi, to name a few.

Recent activities: Download activity report 2023 in .pdf

  • The Millennium Project Communication management: the Italy Node co-manages the MP website and social Networks and supports events and activities related to communication in the network;
  • World Futures Day: the Italy Node has been member of the Organization Committee of he WFD since 2020 and has been analyzing the output since then (see publications on Futures – 2023, Futures & World Futures Review – 2021, Human Futures – 2020). For 2022 analysis, it received and concluded the 2022 third futures research grant by The Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Center for Futuristic Studies (PMFCFS) and the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) for a project to analyze the 2022 WFD results;
  • Methodology development: the Italy Node keeps giving much attention to the methodological aspects of our activities and we gave our availability for supporting the new version of FRM. New methods have been defined and applied over the years (e.g. Futures Polygon, Spatial Delphi, Spatial Shang) and a specific research unit on Futures Studies chaired by Ted Gordon has been recently launched within the Italian Statistics Society.
  • National and international conferences, workshops and training courses in collaboration with NGOs, public and private bodies;
  • Publications of books and papers both in scientific journals and in collaboration with other institutions;
  • Futures studies projects co-development: the Italy Node is open for collaborations, both in Italy and worldwide.
  • Participation and support to the the Millennium Project studies and researches.

Node members:

  • Mario Bolzan
  • Riccardo Cinquegrani
  • Arije Antinori
  • Tiziano Li Piani