The Netherlands Node

Name: Dutch Node

Date of launch: 2016

Institutions hosting the Node: Xponential

Node Chair: Paul Epping, Xponential 

Objectives: As Node of the Millennium Project, we support the global research projects as much as possible, and initiate our own project that supports the Millennium Challenges. We strive to identify a Challenge every two years that we will support in more depth.

Recent activities: At the moment we are trying to

  • Connect other foresight organizations. The idea is that together we are stronger and not echoing what other organizations are doing. We have a core group of 4 people who are meeting regularly.
  • Encourage foresight thinking on all levels in society and specifically to bring it on the political agenda, with he support of the other organizations.


  • Seren Dalkiran
  • Jan Ruijgrok
  • Yashar Saghai
  • Caroline Figueres
  • Carine de Meyere