Peru Node

Date of launch: 2009

Node Chair: Fernando Ortega, MBA and industrial engineer

Objective: The main objective of the Peru Node is to become a Permanent Forum for discussion and debate on the future of Peru and Latin America, and to contribute with its opinions and comments to the global processes of building
the future developed by the Millennium Project.
Other objectives are to promote the use of foresight at all levels of government, as well as by the Academy, the private sector and civil society, to build a vision of the future of the country, which is possible, inclusive and sustainable.

Recent activities: Download Activity Report 2023 in .pdf

In order to achieve our objectives, the Peru Node developed multiple activities such as

  • giving free foresight courses and workshops
  • organizing seminars with national and international speakers
  • celebrating the Future Day
  • participating in global initiatives, such as Delphi surveys and other international studies.

Node members:

  • Fernando Barrios, President of the Continental University
  • Javier Bendezú, researcher in economic issues at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
  • Juan Diaz, business consultant and founder of the Peru Node
  • Enrique Elías, President of the Peruvian Environmental Network
  • Claudia Fernández de Paredes, high competition coach
  • Rómulo Fernández, national leader of SMEs
  • Camilo Figueroa. Head of Government Plan of the Peru Nation Political Party
  • Rubén Gómez Sánchez, international project consultant
  • José Nicanor Gonzáles, former Minister of Production
  • Mesías Guevara, former Regional Governor of Cajamarca and former congressman
  • Carlos Hernández, futurist and Director of the Graduate School at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru
  • Pablo Huerta, former Head of the National Water Authority
  • José Marangunich, manager at Banco de Crédito del Perú
  • Arturo Melgar, researcher in public management issues at the César Vallejo University
  • Modesto Montoya, researcher and former Minister of the Environment
  • Jorge Morales, planner and foresighter
  • Theo Paredes, President of Poquenkanchay and world expert on Andean cosmovision
  • Alfredo Pérsico, manager of FutureLab
  • Angel Polo Campos, manager of the La Libertad Regional Planning Center
  • María Quintana, researcher in materials issues at the National University of Engineering
  • Andrea Regalado, consultant on education issues
  • Ricardo Rodriguez, President of the Andean Systems Institute
  • Juan Sheput, former Minister of Labor and congressman
  • Carmen Vargas, technology and innovation consultant
  • Alfonso Velásquez, exporter and former Minister of Production
  • Isabel Velásquez, politician and businesswoman
  • Eleodoro Ventocilla, international business consultant
  • Jesús Villanueva, expert in telecommunications issues
  • Jaime Zárate, Director of the Graduate School at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences.