Philippines Node

Philippine Futures Thinking Society

Date of launch: 2020

Institution hosting the Node: Philippine Futures Thinking Society

Node Co-Chairs: 

Objective: The Millennium Project Philippines Node is a part of the global foresight network of Nodes which is The Millennium Project that shares information, research and software to build a global collective intelligence system recognized to improve the prospects for humanity in the twenty first century.
The Millennium Project Philippines Node, like The Millennium Project is a think tank on behalf of humanity building a better future for all of us. The mission is to improve thinking about the future and make that thinking available through a variety of media for feedback to accumulate wisdom about the future for better decisions today.

Recent activities: The MP Philippines was launch in 2020 and since, it had partnered, initiated and supported several global initiatives like the World Futures Day, The 2020 Asia Pacific Futures Network, The Fiesta of Imagination 2020, The Millennium Project Futures Conversations. Futures Day, The 2020 Asia Pacific Futures Network, The Fiesta of Imagination 2021, The Millennium Project Futures Conversations, COVID-19 Full Scenarios Report.
The 1st Philippine Futures Summit embarks from the Future of Work and Technology Scenarios and Actions Report published by The Millennium Project. See Work/Technology Report 2050.
The MP Philippines through its MP Chair Prof. Shermon Cruz as Chair of the Association of Professional Futurists in collaboration with The Millennium Project Executive Director Dr. Jerome Glenn and the World Futures Studies Federation President Eric Overland led a global signature campaign signed and supported by more than 200 think tanks and experts around urging the UN Secretary General to create the Office for Strategic Threats to prevent human extinction and coordinate a global research on existential threats. See Signed Resolution
The Millennium Project Philippines Node is currently working to create, publish and launch the following projects, research, actions and initiatives from 2022 to 2025:

  • The Philippine State of the Future of Index 2050
  • The Futures of Technology, Learning and Work Scenarios and Actions Report 2050
  • Build the Millennium Project Philippines Node Real Time Delphi Software
  • Seminar on Real Time Delphi Method and Software
  • Capacity Building on Futures Research Methodologies 3.0
  • Create the Millennium Project Philippines Node Hub, Network and Partners
  • Collaborate and Partner with other Millennium Project Nodes around the world

Node members:

  • Dr. Reginald G. Uggadan, Director of Research
  • Emmanuel De Guia, Director for Networks and Partnership