Name: RIBER, Ibero-American Futurists Network

Date of launch: 2014

Node Co-Chairs: 

Objectives: RIBER (Red IBERoamericana de Prospectiva) follows the reference of the European Initiative of the Nodes of the MillenniumnProject (EUMPI), a European sub-network to structure the networking of the foresight centers that participate as Nodes in the Millennium Project.


  • The Ibero-American profile specifities in future studies and in its implementation as an element to be considered in global initiatives
  • The absence of an Ibero-American “meeting place” to exchange and capitalize on future studies and their applications
  • The demands coming from the Ibero-American institutions (SEGIB, OEI, CEPAL IDB, CAF, etc.) to associate the existing and structured competence networks to support the Ibero-American visions and policies in the long term

Vision: To be an international reference in the field of prospective and long-term strategic planning in Ibero-America, articulating initiatives in a global and synergistic way.

Mission: To be a fundamental part of the Millennium Project that, with a humanistic perspective, contributes strategically and effectively and efficiently to the political, economic, social, cultural and environmental development of Ibero-America.


  • Promoting the study of prospective in Ibero-America and the impact of new technologies such as longevity, robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and others
  • Creating a community of skills, concepts, methods and practices in prospective
  • Organizing an Ibero-American network to analyze and exchange information on the different Ibero-American countries and their prospective practices
  • Contributing to the collective learning of regional actors in the development of their foresight skills, providing them with references to the best practices existing in the region

Recent activities:

  • Book “Latin America 2050”
  • Next RIBER 2022 conference during September 28-29-30, 2022, in Quito Ecuador