Russian Federation Node

Date of launch: 1996

Institution hosting the Node: International Future Academy

Node Chair: Nadezhda Gaponenko, Head of Department at Institute for Science Study of the Russian Academy of Sciences


  • Building the theoretical foundations of foresight and decision-making based on the complexity paradigm
  • Carrying out foresight studies for UN organizations, governments and corporations globally and in Europe
  • Development of methodological approaches and building responses to global challenges by the global network of nodes of the Millennium project
  • Providing future literacy

Recent activities: Download activity report 2023 in .pdf

  • Contribution to the UNEP Global Environmental Outlook (Nadezhda Gaponenko is a leading author and nominated reviewer of GEO UNEP
  • Publication of monograph: Nadezhda Gaponenko “Sectoral Innovation Systems in Knowledge-based Economy”. Monograph. Moscow: IPRAN RAN, 262 p
  • Publication of monograph: Impact of New Technologies on Global Competition in Raw Materials Markets. Nadezhda Gaponenko et all., 276 p.
  • Publication of paper: Nadezhda Gaponenko In search of sectoral foresight methodology: Bridging foresight and sectoral system of innovation and production, FUTURES
  • Presentation at the international conference: Nadezhda Gaponenko “Digital Transformations: Global Challenges and National Trends”


  • Fedor Egorov, Johnson & Johnson