Serbia Node

Name: Belgrad Node

Date of launch: November 2020

Institution hosting the Node: AeLeHSP (Africa eLearning eHealth Satellite Project) 

Node Chair: Tihomir Divjak, Satellite Communication Expert

Objectives: With the climate changes entering the frame, the Nodes realized several initiatives for the implementation of interactive broadband satellite services to prevent and control the catastrophic events, floods, and forest fires in the SEE region. It helps the development of West Balkans.
The Node is part of the South East Europe Node of the Millennium Project.

Recent activities: Download 2024 report – February (.pdf)

Sustainable R&D initiatives in the field of satellite broadcasting and the application of satellite for multipurpose broadband applications for Smart City and Smart Region benefits.
The most recent activity is the implementation of “Satellite Schools” in Sub-Saharan Africa – AeLeHSP Pilot Project – in Nigeria as smart multi-service bridge for the UN SDGs implementation in a developing country.


  • Maja Adamović
  • Ljubiša Bojić
  • Stefan Kukolj
  • Dragorad Miloradović
  • Goran Mitrović
  • Igor V. Pantić
  • Andrija Sagić
  • Željko Zdravković