South Korea Node

Date of launch: 2004

Institution hosting the Node: UN Future Forum 

Node ChairDr. Youngsook Park, Futurist

Objectives: Make Korea more future oriented, with books, lectures, training, and workshops.

Recent activities: Download Activity Node Report 2023 in .pdf

  • Publishing all Millennium Project State of the Future reports with additional information for Korea.
  • Hosting conferences on the Future, bringing major futurists to Korea to speak and appear on television and in newspapers, introducing personal robots and artificial intelligence.
  • 2016 held first mini Charrette on Future Work/Tech 2050 workshop, second mini workshop held in April 2017
  • Helped organize Korea Future Forum, Global Future Forum, Global Leaders Forum
  • Future Education 2030
  • Global Climate Change Situation Room in Gimcheon
  • Korean translation of 2007-2014 SOF reports/ Korean version of SOF published by Kyobobooks in Korean
  • Education 2030 (2007)
  • Government future strategy units report, 2008
  • Upgraded Korean SOFI completed, 2008
  • Series of future forums
  • Futures Studies education programs established in Daegu Cyber University, Yonsei University & Ewha Woman’s University by Prof. Youngsook Park, 2007
  • A book “The late President Park Jung-hee & Herman Kahn”
  • Continued newspaper & TV appearances, lectures
  • Operates 5 websites:,,,,