Türkiye Node

Date of launch: 2008

Institution hosting the Node: Furistler Dernegi (the Association of Futurists in Türkiye)

Node Chair: Ufuk Tarhan, Senior Representative, The Millennium Project Türkiye

Node Co-Chairs: 

  • Mustafa Aykut, PhD, Assistant Professor and Chair of the High Advisory Board at the Association of Futurists
  • Hale Cide Demir, Chair of the Association of Futurists

Objectives: The Association of Futurists in Türkiye was established in 2005 to carry out interdisciplinary studies in order to make foresight about how social and business life will be shaped in the future. The Association, to share views on when and how various disciplines and technology will affect humanity in terms of social and positive sciences, and what will change and transform; engages in activities to develop methods to improve social and business life. The main objective of the Association of Futurists is to create awareness on the futurism for institutions and societies, to teach that there is a chain of principled and holistic studies exploring possible, probable and preferred future scenario alternatives and the steps to be taken to realize them.

Recent activities: Watch video & download activity report 2023 in pdf

  • Consultancy Services
  • Diversified Education Programs (for (k-12) kids, youth and adults as well as corporates)
  • Collaboration with gov. institutions, local public administration organizations, NGOs
  • Project development
  • Publishing reports, articles,
  • Delivering courses, tv programs
  • Organizing workshops, seminars, conferences (the most significant one is March 1st, Wold Future Day for the last 10 years),

Node members:

  • Alphan Manas (Founder of the Assoc. of Futurists)
  • Hakan Gol (former Chair)
  • Murat Sahin (former Chair)
  • Eray Yuksek (former Chair)