Board of Directors

President of Nodo Mexicano. El Proyecto del Milenio, ViceChair of the Board of   Directors of The Millennium Project and Mexican Chair of the Millennium Project. She is specialized in Foresight Studies and is the founder of the Social Land Exchange, the GLOBAL MILLENNIUM PRIZE (with coverage in 110 countries), and FUTURES, the first World Foresight Encyclopedic Dictionary.  

Her current foresight studies are on the FUTURES OF TRANSNATIONAL ORGANIZED CRIME IN MEXICO AND  LATINAMERICA 2050,  focused on a PREVENTION ECOSYSTEM.  She is author and coordinator of 2 books, FUTURES MEXICO  2050, launched in 2021 by Penguin Random House,  and LATINAMERICA 2050. 15 CHALLENGES. 

She has a degree in Diplomacy Sciences by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, with further studies of Law, Economics, Foreign Trade, Strategic Planning, Fundraising and Foresight. Alternately has worked in the public and private sectors in Mexico and abroad, and has extensive experience in marketing and technical-economic and financial feasibility studies, tourism and urban developments, real estate marketing, foreign trade, fundraising and foresight studies. She has given worldwide over 1000 lectures.