Selin Vural

Corporate Relations — The Millennium Project

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Selin Vural

Selin is a seasoned executive with a proven track record of success in the Middle East. Her background as an architect has equipped her with a unique skill set, encompassing sustainability, future strategies, strategic management, and a keen focus on compliance, particularly within the realm of AI regulations.

She proudly serves as a member of the Millennium Project Dubai Node and holds accreditation as a coach in Exponential Organizations. Selin’s involvement in shaping the future extends to her participation in the EU Whitepaper on Artificial Intelligence, where her insights contribute to shaping policy and guidelines in this rapidly evolving field. In her commitment to education, Selin has been entrusted as a lecturer for the “Future You” class, catering to university students who are sponsored by the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life NGO.

Selin is an esteemed member of the Turkish Futurists Association, and her forward-thinking perspective is encapsulated in her authored work, “FutureYou: The Art of Living in the Future.” In her publication, Selin eloquently introduces the concept of the “Exponential Human,” a visionary archetype poised to thrive in an era characterized by uncertainty and rapid change.

She is a the Chief Compliance and ESG Officer for a German holding company responsible for 36 companies globally.