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Tad Davis, the new Chief Technology Officer of The Millennium Project, is a multilingual, neo-generalist technophile with decades of experience in technology and marketing.

Career Beginnings

Tad started his technology career as a computer operator in the US Air Force, working on large mainframe computers. He pursued his passion for technology by studying computer science at the University of Texas at Arlington.

International Experience

After graduation, Tad moved to Saudi Arabia to work as a sub-contractor for Aramco, where he honed his developer skills. Upon returning to the US, he joined Sun Microsystems as a sales engineer, eventually becoming an engineering manager. After 14 years at Sun Microsystems, Tad took a three-year sabbatical. During this time, he studied Icelandic at the University of Iceland and traveled to more than 90 countries.

Professional Growth

Upon re-entering the workforce, Tad joined Areva T&D (later Alstom Grid) as a product manager and marketing manager for energy management software. In 2016, he relocated to Tbilisi, Georgia, where he became an early adopter of AI and worked with various non-profits and for-profits under his own company.

Current Role and Projects

At The Millennium Project, Tad is responsible for updating and improving the website. He collaborates with tele-interns in China on the Future of Life Institute’s Superintelligence Imagined creative contest. Tad is also working on a facelift for the AGI Phase 2 report, the next State of the Future report, and plans to enhance the Global Futures Intelligence System (GFIS) with AI additions and updates.


  • University of Texas at Arlington: B.Sc. in Computer Science
  • University of Iceland: Icelandic Language Studies
  • University of Washington: Marketing Management


Tad speaks Français, Spanish, Icelandic and Georgian. He is learning Turkish.

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