Chile Node

Date of launch: 2007

Institution hosting the Node: Chilean Council of Foresight and Strategy

Node Chair: Ambassador Héctor Casanueva,  Former ambassador of Chile in Geneve. Professor and researcher at University of Alcala, Institute of Social and Economic Analysis, Spain. Vicepresident of the Latinamerican, Caribean and European Union Permanent Academic Forum (FAP ALC-UE). Founder of the MP Chile Node. Co-Founder and President of the Advisory Committee of The Chilean Council of Foresight and Strategy.

Node Co-Chair: Prof. Marcelo Ramírez, academic, University of Chile, Director of the Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Foresight and Government. Consulting in Foresight and Regional Development. Co-Founder and director of The Chilean Council of Foresight and Strategy. T

Objectives: The Node, together with the Chilean Council for Foresight and Strategy a bill to create an oficial State Agency (“Chilean Strategic Futures Agency”) for anticipatory governance proposed to the Government of Chile and the Parliament. This proposal will be under parliamentary discussion during 2024. The Node has been active in the creation of the Future Challenges Commission of the Chilean Senate, and in the annual Future Congress since 2011, a highly prestigious international event. The Node and the Council are members of RIBER, the Iberoamerican Foresight Net. 

Specific permanent activities:

  • Develop, promote and disseminate in Chile the Foresight discipline and futures studies.
  • Contribute to improve the formulation of policies in matters that affect the future of the country and its global insertion
  • Join specialists in Foresight, Strategy and future studies, belonging to multiple disciplines and activities, both academic, professional, business, military, diplomatic and political, from the public and private sectors. private, and linked to global groups and networks.

Recent activities: Download activity report 2023

  • Analysis, reports, studies, workshops, seminars, conferences, publications.
  • Editing the monthly magazine “Prospectiva y Estrategia”
  • Courses and other academic programs in cooperation with universities and research centers, from Chile and abroad.