Greece Node

Date of launch: 2010

Institution hosting the Node:  Helenos Consulting

Node Co-Chairs:

Objectives: The Greek Node of the Millennium Project was created in 2010, with the aim to help in the modernization process of Southeastern Europe, by giving special emphasis on the implementation of the “science” of future studies through direct diffusion of the results to organizations, businesses and other stakeholders. The mission of the “MillenniumProject” Greek node is to:

  • promote an open dialogue between countries;
  • contribute to the sustainable development of the sub-region;
  • support the integration of these countries to the European Union.

The Greek node was set up in November 2010. Members of the node are Universities, SME’s, NGO’s, state organisations, experts and the UNDP/BRC Regional Centre for PAR (RCPAR). The Greek node is located in Thessaloniki.

Recent activities: Download Activity Report 2023 in .pdf

Research projects on innovation, policy support, advisor to Greek regional and central authorities, educational and capacity building activities


  • Alexandra Gouta (journalist)
  • Vangelis Kosmidis (entrepreneur)
  • Leon Kapeta (Researcher)