Washington D.C. (Coordinating Office)

Date of launch: 1991

The Millennium Project has been coordinated by the Washington, DC office since 1991 to the present:

  • 1991 Prefeasibility study under the American Council for the United Nations University
  • 1992-1994 Feasibility study under the United Nations University headquarters in Tokyo
  • 1995 Feasibility study report under the UNU World Institute for Development Economics in Helsinki
  • 1996 formally established under the American Council for the UN University
  • 2007 Moved under the World Federation of United Nations Associations
  • 2009 Became independent 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization registered in Washington D.C.

Coordinating Office Staff:  


  • Improve thinking about the future and make that thinking available through a variety of media for feedback to accumulate wisdom about the future for better decisions today.
  • Coordinate The Millennium Project and its future development
  • Manage The Millennium Project’s global futures research studies

Recent activities:

  • Preparation for the State of the Future 20.0
  • Preparations for RTDelphi on Implementing five foresight elements of Our Common Agenda with the Office of the UN Secretary-General.
  • Pre-feasibility study for global governance models for the transition from Artificial Narrow to Artificial General intelligence
  • Work/Technology 2050: Scenarios and Actions
  • Global Developments RTDelphi
  • Keynote speeches, articles, on-line training.
  • The Washington Office has managed nearly 400 Interns since 1991. It offers both Tele-Internships and Internships in Washington, D.C.