Press Room Archive – 2012

December 10, 2012- High Stakes for Humanity’s Future by Rick Docksai, THE FUTURIST

October 08 , 2012-Press Release- High-level Gathering to Share Strategies for Improving Cities, Organized by The Millennium Project South-East Europe Node

October 07, 2012-Press Release- Tele-Montenegro, from Brain Drain to Brain Gain

October 06, 2012-Press Release- The Millennium Project to establish a Node in Kosovo

August 31, 2012-Press Release- African economic boom to last by Karl Gernetzky for Business Day newspaper and BDlive

August 20, 2012- The Estado del Futuro 2012: Los venezolanos también debemos estar al tanto de las fronteras del pensamiento mundial by José Cordeiro for El Universal

August 16, 2012- The Millennium Project Releases the 2012 State of the Future Report, PRWEB article on the “2012 State of the Future”

August 15, 2012-The Millennium Project releases the “2012 State of the Future” report, 16th annual edition –see the Press Release.

August 2, 2012-PM: Genovasi to produce 5,000 Young Ambassadors to spur country’s progress by

Video news report from The Star Online <>

August 2, 2012-Genovasi innitiative to Create Wealth Amongst Local Youth-Malaysia by Oleh Hashnan Abdullah,

July 30, 2012-Azerbaijan takes part in the annual conference of the Millennium Project by Parvana Sultanova GunAz

July 30, 2012- Azerbaijan was represented at the international conference on futurology in Canada by 1NEWS.AZ

May 11, 2012-Press Release- The Millennium Project Establishes Serbia as its Third Node in South East Europe after Slovenia and Montenegro

April 11, 2012-Press Release- IDG’s Computerworld Honors The Millennium Project for its Collective Intelligence Innovations to Benefit Humanity

April 10, 2012-Press Release- Positive Foresight is an Important Pillar for Building a Better Future for Europe of the Future

March 27, 2012-Press Release- Millennium Project Futurist Recommends New Ideas at the 16th Annual InfoPoverty Conference at the UN

March 20, 2012-Press Release- European Economic Conditions Make eGovernance a Winner for All

March 19, 2012-Press Release- The Millennium Project Named a 2012 Computerworld Honors Laureate

March 01, 2012-Summary of 2011 State of the Future by Futuribles

February 28, 2012-Press Release- There is increasing dissatisfaction with GDP as the measure of progress. An alternative is the State of the Future Index for individual countries, industries, and the world.

February 09, 2012-Press Release- 2011 State of the Future Presented on February 9th: Global Futurists and Scholars Discuss in Merida, Venezuela

January 26, 2012-Press Release-The Future of Capitalism: World Economic Forum Should Consider Elements of the Next Global Economic System by The Millennium Project

January 25, 2012-Press Release-Latin America 2030 Scenarios Presented on January 26th: Global Futurists and Scholars Discuss the 2011 State of the Future in Valencia, Venezuela

January 19, 2012- Presentan informe Estado del Futuro 2011 y Panel Retos Globales 2012 by La Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE)

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