Press Room Archive – 2016

December 23, 2016: Humanity 2050, (original: Η ανθρωπότητα το 2050) article based on an interview with Epaminondas Christofilopoulos, Co-Chair of The Millennium Project Greek Node, suite to the workshop on the future of Work 2050.

December 23, 2016: Christophilopoulos interview to Alexandra Gouta, PRAKTOREIO 104,9 interview with Epaminondas Christofilopoulos from the Greek Node of the Millennium Project on three Work/Tech 2050 scenarios

December 17, 2016: AI’s Impact on Work and Economy: How Government and Private Sectors Can Think Ahead, by Daniel Faggella, Founder & CEO of TechEmergence, LLC. Article about Work/Tech 2050 scenarios and workshops conducted by The Millennium Project Nodes around the world on the future of work.

December 11, 2016: TechEmergence interview with Jerome C. Glenn, on the future of a global economy and possible scenarios

Nov 17, 2016, Korea: Global Leader Forum 2016 Special lecture by Jerom C. Glenn [ENG]

November 7, 2016, Brazil: O futuro do trabalho será inventar o próprio emprego; interview with Jerome Glenn on the future of work and technology (in Portuguese)

October 28, 2016: Projeto Millenium vê o Brasil como referência internacional em 2050 (Portuguese)

October 3, 2016, Spain: Jerome C. Glenn: “If no action is taken there will be a massive increase in unemployment in the coming decades” — original: Jerome C. Glenn: “Si no se toman medidas va a haber un aumento masivo del desempleo en las próximas décadas”,

July 25, 2016: Azerbaijan Embassy Reception for the opening of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop Identification of Potential Terrorists and Adversary Planning — Emerging Technologies and New Counter-Terror Strategies organized by The Millennium Project, Washington DC, in collaboration with TAM-C FIRS2T group, Israel

July 27, 2016: Italia, quale futuro per lavoro e tecnologia nel 2050? article after the workshop on the future of Work and Technology organized by Mara Di Berardo, Italy Node of The Millennium Project

June 24, 2016: Sri Lanka the 60th Node of The MIllennium Project, Press release.

March, 2016: Bertelsmann Stiftung (ed.), “2050: The Future of Work. Findings of an International Delphi-Study of The Millennium Project”, by Cornelia Dheim (Germany Node) and Ole Wintermann.

March 14, 2016: Arbeitsmarkt: Deutschland auf dem Weg zum digitalen Entwicklungsland, by Dr. Ole Man Winter and Cornelia Daheim; Bertelsmann Stiftung

March 1, 2016: The water-energy-food nexus; Foresight for research and innovation in the context of climate change. Report for the European Commission, by a consortium managed by the Spain Node of The Millennium Project.

January 30, 2016: The Lone Wolf Phenomenon, by Mohan K. Tikku; Mainstream, VOL LIV No 6 New Delhi January 30, 2016. Article about the Lone Wolf phenomenon and review of the Lone Wolf Terrorism Prospects and Potential Strategies to Address the Threat book.

January 2016: Note de lecture. Le futur vu de l’action : Le State of the Future 2015-2016, by Fabrice ROUBELAT, PROSPECTIVE ET STRATÉGIE 6. Review of the 2015-16 State of the Future. (French)

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