December 31, 2008, Futurists Talk About How to Live in 2009, The Korea Times, Jerome C. Glenn, Hazel Henderson, and Jose Cordeiro forecasts for 2009.

December 31, 2008, European Futurist Talk, Conference held in Lucerne. Jerome Glenn: Global Framework, Future Prospects and Strategies

December 16, 2008, Chinese version of the 2008 State of the Future to be published early 2009 by the Beijing Science and Technology Press, ISBN 978-7-5304-3799-5

December 1, 2008, Winners of the Global Millennium Prize 2008 Announced — World Competition for Students Addressing the Global Future

November 17, 2008, South Korea — Weekly Chosun, “Future Report and State of Korea in 201,” articles about the 2008 State of the Future report and interview with Jerome Glenn (several articles in Korean)

November 2008, South Korea — Press coverage of Jerome Glenn and other futurists visits, talks, and interviews (several articles in Korean)

October 30, 2008, Futures Discovery, Iranian Futurists Academy, review of 2008 State of the Future (article in Farsi)

October 29, 2008, ChangeX, Wir haben Probleme finden L�sungen, Germany (article in German)

October 18, 2008, MediaNet, Feature: SOFIs Entscheidung, Austria (article in German)

October 1, 2008, Our Common world: The State of the future 2008, Jetwork, Vol. 1, Issue 2, India

September 9, 2008, Future Survey (30:9/302) review of 2008 State of the Future (It notes: A very useful integration of a vast amount of information from many sources. Continues as the best introduction by far to major global issues and long-term remedies. Chapters 3-5 on RTD studies, future strategy units worldwide, and GENIS are important leading-edge contributions.)

September 9, 2008, PRESSEMITTEILUNGEN: Mit kollektiver Intelligenz den globalen Herausforderungen begegnen Germany (German press release by Z-punkt The Foresight Company )

August 25, 2008, Bolivian Press —several articles that appeared in the Bolivian press as result of the talks given by Jerome Glenn, Director of Millennium Project, in Bolivia (the articles are in Spanish)

August 14, 2008, El Universal (Venezuela): “El Esado del Futuro 2008” (Spanish)

August 10, 2008, Envirojean — The Environmental Blog: What is the State of the World?

August 6, 2008, Agence France-Presse: World faced with growing instability, violence: think tank

August 5, 2008, Press Release 2008 State of the Future

August 4, 2008, ClimateWire: Global Cooperation: Europe can push U.S. and China into climate partnership — report (original article by subscription only; see alternate link: ClimateWire-article)

August 4, 2008, Jerome Glenn on science and the future Earth Sky interview

July 28, 2008, What is the State of the Future? Earth Sky interview with Jerome Glenn on the 2008 State of the Future

July 17, Los Andes (Argentina), The Collective Intelligence — La inteligencia colectiva , by Miguel Angel Gutierrez, article in Spanish, based on the GENIS and SOFI presented in the 2008 State of the Future

July 13, 2008, Kurzweil’s e-newsletter, article on the upcoming 2008 State of the Future

July 13, BBC interview with Jerome Glenn about main finding of the Millennium Project and the 2008 State of the Future

July 13, 2008, The Independent: “We’ve seen the future … and we may not be doomed” article on the upcoming 2008 State of the Future

July 13, 2008 State of the Future: to appear late July, 2008

June 30, El Universal (largest Venezuelan newspaper) Education in 2030 — José Luis Cordeiro Educacion en el ano 2030 — article in Spanish

May 15, 2008, Global Millennium Prize:  Launch of the 3rd edition of the Global Millennium Prize. See Press Release (pdf)

February 29, 2008, Mexico City, Mexico: The Global Millennium Prize Awards ceremony covered by the national media Entregan premios a ganadores de concursos Milenio y Milenio Mundial (in Spanish)

January 10, 2008, Santiago de Chile: Launch of the Spanish version of the 2007 State of the Future. See Press Release (pdf)

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