Press Room Archive – 2006-2005

October 2006. Earth & Sky, “a clear voice for science”, makes a nice refernce and summarises a bit the the Millennium Project and the 2006 State of the Future in the post “Gloom and Doom or Hopeful future” by Deborah Byrd, 28 October 06

October 2006. Future Survey, the leading review of future-oriented literature provided an excellent synopsis of the 2006 State of the Future

September 15, 2006. GLOBAL MILLENNIUM PRIZE, the first ever worldwide competition for high school (secondary school) students to address the 15 Global Challenges facing humanity

August 24, 2006. Earth & Sky Radio Series bloggs the 2006 State of the Future

August 15, 2006. launch of the 2006 State of the Future by Jerome C. Glenn & Theodore J. Gordon. 10th Anniversary Edition: Extraordinary overview documents global prospects for humanity best selling book at the World Future Society conference held in Toronto, July 28-31, 2006.

March 15, 2006. The 1st Award Ceremony and International Launching of the MILLENNIUM PROJECT-MILLENNIUM AWARD for children, Chapultepec Castle Alcazar, Mexico City

February 20, 2006. First Meeting of the Future of Livestock in Developing Countries to 2030 Held in Nairobi Group of 25 experts enters ‘uncharted waters’ in building futuristic livestock scenarios that force new thinking and new decisions

February 15, 2006. Release of 2005 L’Etat du Ftutur, French edition of the 2005 State of the Future

November 14, 2005. 2005 State of the Future Book Launch.

Jerome C. Glenn, co-author of 2005 State of the Future will provide his insights into the collective intelligence of nearly 2,000 leading minds in more than 50 countries.Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, 5th Floor Conference Room, 12pm-1:30pm

November 07, 2005. Koreans must look to the future. JoongAng Daily, Korea. Interview with Theodore J. Gordon, Senior Fellow and co-founder of the Millennium Project

September 30, 2005. USACOR Awards. Jerome C. Glenn, Director of the Millennium Project receives the Donnella Meadows Futures Award and Hazel Henderson, member of the Millennium Project Planning Committee receives USACOR Lifetime Achievement Award

September 13, 2005. Distillaiton of executive summary of 2005 State of the Future on Global Future Forum website. The 2005 State of the Future was the best selling book at the World Future Society conference held in Chicago, July 29-31, 2005.

August 9, 2005. Article in major daily Donga Daily News in South Korea on the Millennium Project, byYoungsook Park, MP Korea Node Chair

August 8, 2005. Future gazing What can we expect from the next five decades? UK Royal Society of Arts’s journal article on the 2005 State of the Future:

August 4, 2005. The Millennium Project Releases “2005 State of the Future” Report. Think Tank Explores the Global Challenges and Prospects for the Future.

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