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A news issue of “Human Futures“, the World Futures Studies Federation magazine, is out. Among the various interesting contents of this August issue, you will also find articles from the Millennium Project team. Jerome C. Glenn, MP CEO, discusses about the need of an international assessment of how to govern the potential transition from Artificial […]

Philosophy Nowadays – Sept 9-12, 2021

Jerome Glenn, Millennium Project CEO, will join the Third International Scientific Conference on “Philosophy Nowadays. Traditions, Innovations, Educations” on Sept. 10, 2021, during the session “The Future of Education: Pushing Against the Conventional Prognostic Horizon”. The session will discuss “Where does the Digital Transformation of Education Lead to?” today at 4.30 – 6,30 pm CEST […]

Open Letter to the UN Secretary-General for a UN Office on Strategic Threats

Proposal to create a United Nations Office on Strategic Threats September, 2021 Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, United Nations Dear Mr. Secretary-General: Long-range strategic threats to the survival of humanity are well-documented, ranging from the potential of advanced artificial intelligence growing beyond human control to weakening magnetic fields that protect life on Earth. Although the United Nations […]

200 Leaders Call for New UN Office to Coordinate Global Research to Prevent Human Extinction

Earth’s magnetic shield weakening, ocean-poisoning hydrogen-sulfide gas from advanced global warning, out-of-control nanotech and AI, are among the possible future threats to humanity, warn The Millennium Project, World Futures Studies Federation, and the Association of Professional Futurists. WASHINGTON, September 8, 2021 ( – In an open letter to UN Secretary-General António Guterres, internet pioneer Vint Cerf, […]

Arts/Media Node

Description: Global Arts & Media Node The Members of the Global Arts & Media Node are: Node Chair: Kate McCallumFounder, c3™The Center for Conscious CreativityLos Angeles, California, USA Node Members: Marco Bevolo, Netherlands LeVar Burton, United States Sandra de Castro Buffington, United States Klaus Haasis, GermanyBrendan Harkin, Australia Dana Klinasin, United States Ed Lantz, United States […]

200 leaders call for new UN Office to coordinate global research to prevent human extinction in open letter to the UN Secretary-General

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres United Nations Dear Mr. Secretary-General: Long-range strategic threats to the survival of humanity are well-documented, ranging from the potential of advanced artificial intelligence growing beyond human control to weakening magnetic fields that protect life on Earth. Although the United Nations includes agencies that are addressing many of the problems facing humanity today, […]

Transition from Artificial Narrow to Artificial General Intelligence Governance

An international assessment of how to govern the potential transition from Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) to potential Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is needed. If the initial conditions of AGI are not “right,” then it could evolve into an Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) that Stephen Hawking,[i] Elon Musk,[ii] and Bill Gates[iii] have warned could threaten the […]

2020 Year in Review

2020 Year in Review (not listed in any priority; non-scientific, subjective  review by plus previous annual reviews back to 2020 COVID-19 brought the world to a grinding halt, increased tele-everything & AI The pandemic caused first global “time out’ for humanity to rethink everything The Internet connects about 60% of humanity: 5 billion people […]

UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit Report & Videos

The UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit December 8-12 was probably the largest virtual gathering of futurists since the World Future Society’s physical conference in Toronto in 1981 with over 5,000 registered participants. Nearly 8,000 people signed in to the summit platform at which is still open now for another few weeks (and efforts will be […]

Happy Holidays 2020 and Happy New Year 2021

Millennium Project at UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit Dec. 8-12

FUTURES CONVERSATIONS December 10-12 December 10 Centeral Europaen Time/Meeting ID/Streaming link FUTURES CONVERSATIONS 12 pm – 1 pm 12,00 pm – 1,00 pm CET Creating a future of unlimited longevity, unlimited intelligence and unlimited wellbeing. with José Luis Cordeiro, MP Venezuela 840 2886 3580 Streaming 4 pm – 5 pm   4,00 pm […]

Millennium Project Brochure

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Foresight European Network Meeting

Thursday 26th November (10 am – 1:30 pm CET) The Foresight European Network was put together with Millennium Project Node Chairs and others . 1st Session / (60’) 10::00-10:05 Welcome (5’) 10:05-10:15 The history of FEN – Ms Cornelia DAHEIM, Future Impacts (5-10’) 10:15-10:25 Recent FEN activities – Ms Anna SACIO-SZYMAŃSKA, 4CF (5-10’) 10:25-10:30 What […]

COVID Scenarios Podcast with Ted Gordon, Paul Saffo, and Jerome Glenn

Individual 2-3 Minute Videos of Node reports are now available

If you would like to see a short 2 to 3 minute video of a Millennium Project Node report from a specific country, you can now click on the country you want. Yes, we do have to update the map, but the videos are up -to-date!

Second Wave Covid-19 Scenarios

The Millennium Project has been asked by the American Red Cross to create second wave COVID-19 scenarios. Although these will take global change into account, these scenarios will focus on the United States. However, Millennium Project Node chairs are encouraged to create their own second wave scenarios in communications with the American Red Cross/Millennium Project […]

COVID-19 Scenarios

The Millennium Project warned that, “Increasing mass migrations and international travel spread disease more rapidly than in the past; increasing urbanization and population density accelerate and intensify the capacity to bring life as we know it to a grinding halt.” 1997 State of the Future. July 28, 2021 Video of the lead-authors of each of the three USA […]

15 Global Challenges and the 17 SDGs

Relation Millennium Project 15 Global Challenges and UN17SDGDownload

World Futures Day 2021 – 24-Hour Round-the-World Conversion on the Future

The Millennium Project’s 8th World Future Day in cooperation with the Association of Professional Futurists (APF), Humanity+,  UNESCO’s Global Futures Literacy Network, the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS), and the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) was a richly diverse global conversation about our global future. The WFD began in Aotearoa New Zealand with a Māori blessing and moved each hour westward, […]

Free Download: Work/Technology 2050: Scenarios and Actions — Preface, Introduction, Executive Summary

Order download or print of the full 200-page report, with three work/technology 2050 global scenarios, each ten pages with rich detail about future possibilities, and 93 implications for actions each assessed by several hundred futurist and related experts around the world.

#happy2050! What future do you want? by Mara Di Berardo, Millennium Project Italian Node co-chair

An awareness campaign by the Millennium Project aiming at stimulating public positive thoughts at 2050. On December, 21st, 2019 the Millennium Project Italian node has launched a small awareness campaign called #happy2050 on the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), with the support of the Millennium Project (MP). The simple, fast awareness campaign aimed at […]

Mini Trip Report: Dubai, UAE December 7-9, 2019

The Dubai Future Council on Transportation brought me back for the fourth meeting for this year to review and discuss long-range plans. The Council is expected to meet four times in 2020 as well. After this review, I meet with Dr. Sara Ishaq A Mohammad, Manager of the Future Envisioning Section for the DG & […]

Mini Trip Report: Seoul, South Korea November 17-19, 2019

Chosun-TV brought me to Seoul to address the Global Leadership Forum. Youngsook Park, The Millennium Project Korean Node Chair was a key organizer for the Forum. Ban-ki Moon, the former United Nations Secretary-General opened the Forum focusing on the interdependence of air quality issues and climate change. I then followed him to introduce some long-range […]

Mini Trip report: Montreal, Canada

IEEE Sensors conference brought me to Montreal at the request of Bruce Hecht, Staff Engineer of Analog Devices (Boston) to speak on a panel about the future of sensors and artificial intelligence. In addition to conscious-technology as a possible post-information age possibility, I talked about the need to study potential global governance systems for the […]

Mini Trip Report: Lima, Peru

The Organization for American States (OAS) is committed to creating a technological foresight system.  The Millennium Project has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to help create it. As part of this agreement, the OAS and CONCYTEC (Peru’s national council for S&T and Innovation) brought me to Lima, Peru to give the opening keynote address on […]

Mini Trip Report: United Nations, New York September 11-13, 2019 and World Bank, Washington, DC September 16-17

The common theme for the two meeting was:  Investments for Economic Transformation for common wellbeing.  World Academy of Art and Science and Conscious Capital invited me and 49 others from around the world to an intensive 2.5-day meeting at the UN under the sponsorship of the UN Partnerships Office and UNCTAD. The purpose of the […]

Mini Trip Report: Dubai 7-9 September

The Dubai Future Council on Transportation brought me back to Dubai 7-9 September to review long range plans. While there I met with the Minister of Artificial Intelligence about participation in our anticipatory governance proposal to explore governance of the transition from artificial narrow to artificial general intelligence. He has agreed in principle, but the […]

Work/Technology 2050: Scenarios and Actions

A pragmatic exploration of possible futures – choices and consequences – really exercised my imagination.  VINT CERF, INTERNET PIONEER Available in Print and for Download. This international long range study includes three detailed scenarios to 2050 and assessments of 93 actions. The actions are the results of 30 national workshops in 20 countries. These workshops […]

Mini Trip Report: Seoul, Korea

The Financial News of Korea along with the Ministries of Science and Technology, and Information and Communication brought me back to Seoul to keynote their 10th Future ICT Forum June 27th where I talked about the future Conscious-Technology civilization, Next Technologies (NT), the Great Brain Race, and counters to information warfare. There were a series […]

Mini Trip Report: Dubai, UAE

The Future Council for Transportation brought me to Dubai for the second meeting of the Council (June 23rd) to review long-range priorities of the Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA). RTA is considering whether it will host the next MP Planning Committee Meeting in Dubai. Hind AlMualla, Chair of The Millennium Project Dubai Node is also […]

Mini Trip Report: Seoul, Korea

The ChosunIbo (leading newspaper company) brought me to Seoul to address the Asian Leadership Conference and their Centennial Committee to speak about future media issues such as “Conscious-Technology” and disinformation (as some of you may know, I wrote about information warfare 30 years ago in the book Future Mind). Youngsook Park, Chair of the Korean […]

Future of Organizations. Work and Creativity meeting in Rome, Italy May 23-24

“Future of Organizations. Work and Creativity” conference, III Italian futurists Meeting, Rome, May, 23/24, 2019. Organized by the Italian Association of Futurists and the National Council for Economics and Labour, with the support of the Millennium Project Italian Node, the UNESCO chair for Anticipatory Systems and the Italian Institute for the Future. Download the Call for Proposal (expired on […]

Short Videos of the 15 Global Challenges

Global Challenge 1 Global Challenge 2 Global Challenge 3 Global Challenge 4 Global Challenge 5 Global Challenge 6 Global Challenge 7 Global Challenge 8 Global Challenge 9 Global Challenge 10 Global Challenge 11 Global Challenge 12 Global Challenge 13 Global Challenge 14 Global Challenge 15

Mini Trip Report: Dubai

The Dubai Future Council on Transportation brought me to Dubai to begin reviewing long-range strategies for the Roads and Transportation Authority. As a Member of the Council I will meet four times a year for two years (I will return this June for the second meeting). I then met separately with the head of foresight […]

Mini Trip report: Baku Azerbaijan

The World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) and the Nizami Ganjavi International Center brought me to Azerbaijan to participate in the VII Global Baku Forum followed by the WAAS round table on Global Leadership in the 21st Century. While in Baku, Reyhan Huseynova, Chair of Azerbaijan Node of The Millennium Project organized an amazing […]

World Future Day: Round-the-World 24-Hour Conversation on the Future — March 1st to Celebrate World Future Day Hosted by the Millennium Project

Futurists and the general public will discuss global challenges and prospects for the future of civilization. Beginning March 1st in New Zealand at 12 noon (February 28th 6 pm Washington, DC time) the global conversation will begin and move each hour to the next time zone, completing a 24-hour round the world conversation. Washington, DC […]

Mini Trip Report: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Arthur D. Little (consulting firm) brought me to Dubai to speak and participate in an excellent workshop on future Dubai mobility 2030-2071. 2071 is the 100th anniversary of the United Arab Emirates. By then it is reasonable to talk about a Dubai orbital space community connected to the […]

Mini Trip Report: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Blaž Golob, chair of the South East European Node of The Millennium Project brought me to Kuala Lumpur to address the Blockchain for Sustainable Development Goals conference. The conference brought together blockchain developers and leaders of crypto currency exchanges from the European and Asian Blockchain Hubs. I spoke about the three Work/Technology 2050 Global Scenarios […]

Mini Trip Report: Tokyo, Japan

On route to Kuala Lumpur I stopped in Tokyo to explore next steps for the Japan Node and meet with the senior editorial staff of the Nikkei/Asia Review/Financial Times. Sungjoo Ogino organized a good meeting at the Institute for Future Engineering with Yuji Wada (who is also a representative of the Japan Future Society) Hiroyuki […]

Mini Trip Report: Seoul, Korea

The Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Korean Creative Content Agency brought me to Seoul to keynote their conference about Future Media Contents and Platforms. I spoke about the need for international governance and standards for artificial narrow intelligence’s evolution to artificial general intelligence, augmented and collective intelligence, conscious-technology, AI/avatars and digital duplicate selves […]

Most Significant Futures Work for 2018 Awarded for the State of the Future 19.1 by the Association of Professional Futurists

The Millennium Project’s State of the Future 19.1 received the 2018 Most Significant Futures Work award  from the Association of Professional Futurists.

Annual Millennium Project Planning Committee Meeting

October 8-9 The annual meeting of the Planning Committee will be webcast from Bolivia.  If you would like to view and hear: Please find enclosed the link to assist to the Millennium Project Planning Committee Meeting online You can join the meeting from your personal computer, smartphone, tablet, iPad. You can also join the […]

Results from the Real-Time Delphi on government actions to address issues in the Work/Technology 2050 Scenarios

You are welcome to share the results of the Government and Governance Real-Time Delphi that assessed 22 long-range actions to address future work-technology dynamics with relevant government agencies, thought leaders and media in your country. The top five most effective actions rated by the international panel were: Establish a national independent (as much as possible) […]

RTDelphi results: education/learning actions to address future work/tech 2050 dynamics

You are welcome to share the results of the Education & Learning Real-Time Delphi that assessed 20 long-range actions distilled from workshops in 20 countries to address future work-technology dynamics. The international panel were asked of each action: If implemented, how effective could this be in improving our long-range work-technology prospects by the year 2050? […]

Future Work/Technology 2050 Global Scenarios

Three Future Work/Technology 2050 Global Scenarios (c) 2019 The Millennium Project 2050 Scenario 1: It’s Complicated—A Mixed Bag Much of the world in the early 21st century pictured a future of massive unemployment due to advances in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and other technologies replacing human labor. Today we see those fears were unfounded, yet […]

Mini Trip Report: Mexico

Mini Trip Report: Mexico   The Mexican National Defense College and Naval Superior Studies Center brought me to Mexico for their annual meeting to address senior Army and Naval Officers and the 2018 graduates about future security threats. [and was given a nice bust of Mexican Mystic Warrior from the President of the Military College […]

El Salvador Mini Trip Report 8-12 July 2018

Fundemas (the national private sector network for Corporate Sustainability) and Tony Carbonero, Chair of The Millennium Project Node of El Salvador brought me to San Salvador to keynote the Fundemas’s conference on social responsibility. Tony also organized several press interviews and meetings with founding Members of the new El Salvador Node, USIAD, Creative Associates, and […]

Seoul, South Korea June 21, 2018 Focus on education goals and intelligence enhancement in the era of the fourth industrial revolution

Use google translate if you don’t read Korean  

June 8, 2018 Sofia, Bulgaria video interview

Mini Trip Report:  Helsinki and Tampere, Finland

Sirkka Heinonen, Chair of the Helsinki Node of the Millennium Project and Mikko Dufva, President of the Finnish Society for Futures Studies brought me to Finland hosted by SITRA  (Finland’s innovation funding agency) and Finland’s Futures Research Center. Sirkka put together a great program beginning with a talk and workshop on weak signals at SITRA […]

Mini Trip Report: Sofia, Bulgaria

Mariana Todorova, Chair of the Bulgarian Node and Mihail Mihailov, CEO of Accelerise corporation brought me to Sofia to speak about “Future Smart Cities.” Mariana organized a radio interview for the main lunch time show: and TV interviews – here are two in case you are curious about how The Millennium Project sounds in […]

Mini Trip Report: Brussels

The  FTA 2018 – Future in the Making conference organized by the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission brought me to Brussels to speak about The Millennium Project’s Future Work/Technology 2050 Global Scenarios and strategies suggested from workshops using the scenarios in 19 countries. There were 500+ attendees making it one of (if […]

Grappling with the Futures conference at Harvard and Boston Universities

Yashar Saghai, MP’s Senior Scholar courageously organized a two-day conference at Harvard and Boston Universities focused on synergies among philosophy, history, and STS (Science, Technology, and Society) scholars with futurists and foresight. The Millennium Project was a co-sponsor. There were a total of 43 presentations with speakers from 18 countries; around 70 participants joined the […]

Mini Trip Report: Lima, Peru

The CIIT Peru (Future of Mining) Congress brought me to Lima to talk about Accelerating Technological Change & Collective Intelligence to Better Plan the Mining Industries at the suggestion of Fernando Ortega, Chair of the Peruvian Node of The Millennium Project. Prior to the talk, I give Fernando and two others from the Node a training program […]

Mini Trip Report: Islamabad, Pakistan

Mini Trip Report:  Islamabad, Pakistan Puruesh Chaudhary and Shahid Mahmud co-chairs of The Millennium Project Pakistan Node put together an outstanding set of events 13-16 March and produced 7.5 min video documentary on the visit. Leaders in Islamabad: Business Summit brought me to Islamabad to keynote their conference with government and business leaders. I spoke […]

Mini Trip Report: Los Angeles

Kate McCallum, chair of The Millennium Project Arts/Media Node and Ed Lantz of Vortex hosted a live 360 streaming video presentation on the State of the Future 19.1 from the Vortex Dome in LA (most likely the only dome in the world that is live streaming 360 video). You can see the unedited version 23 […]

Mini Trip Report South Korea

A new blockchain/crypto currency company in the development stage brought me to Korea to explore future possibilities for this medium and to attend the Opening Ceremony of Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics. Very cool. I mean really, the opening ceremony was cold but not quite as bad as many expects since I was well bundles up. […]

Mini Trip Report: Paris

En route to Milan, I stopped for two days in Paris…beginning with Riel Miller at UNESCO who would like to collaborate with The Millennium Project to identify potential UNESCO futures studies chairs with university affiliations, who would be invited to a conference at UNESCO during 2018 to help document the academic field of futures studies. […]

Mini Trip Report: Milan

The 5 Start Movement, a new political party in Italy (currently with the plurality of public support), brought me to Milan to address their conference. In addition to introducing the some of the content of the State of the Future 19.1, I suggested they consider creating: the Italian State of the Future Index; a graphic […]

Washington launch of the State of the Future 19.0 – 12 noon at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


Mini Trip Report: Spain

Two separate trips to Spain in September. The first trip was to Malaga to address the Eisenhower Fellows conference on the future of work along with Shahid Mahmud, co-Chair of the Pakistan Node. As a result Eisenhower Fellows will be invited to participate in forth coming national MP future work/tech workshops and participate in MP […]

Mini Trip Report: Jeju, Seoul, and Gimcheon, South Korea

The Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry brought be to Korea to keynote their 42nd Korea Jeju Forum. In addition to the usual MP work/tech insights I suggested: the identify their improvement system, then improve that system with online applications and AI (as advocated by Doug Englebart inventor of the mouse, hyperlinking and other group […]

Mini Trip Report: Silicon Valley

En route to South Korea, I stopped off in Silicon Valley to meet with Members of the Silicon Valley Node of The Millennium Project and others interested in helping to create a workshop on to explore long-range strategies to address issues raised in the Future Work/Technology 2050 Global Scenarios. The meeting was held at Singularity […]

Mini Trip Report: Mexico (Monterrey, Toluca, and Mexico City)

Concepción Olavarrieta, Chair of the Mexican Node of The Millennium Project organized two Future Work/Technology 2050 Workshops:  one in Monterrey in the same conference room for the RIBER meeting a few weeks ago sponsored by TecMilenio University and the other workshop in Toluca sponsored by the Institute of Public Administration of the State of Mexico […]

Mini Trip Report: South Korea

The Jeju Development Institute brought me to Korea to address their 20th Anniversary event While in Jeju, Governor Won of Jeju interviewed me for a two-part TV show about the future work/technology strategies to be broadcast in a few days The Governor was an original member of the Korean Node when he was […]

Mini Trip Report: Dubai

Greetings from Hind Hind AlMualla (هند المعلا), Dubai Millennium Project Node Chair and Paul Epping, the new Co-Chair of the Node who is Principal at Philips Healthtech and heads the Singularity Chapter in the UAE. It looks like we may have the MP-PC meeting in Dubai in October or November with sponsorships by the Knowledge […]

Mini Trip report: Seoul, Korea

The Global Leaders Forum brought me to Seoul, Korea to speak about the future of work and the next economics. The founder of Atari and other leaders in IT, AI, and Singularity thought leaders gave really excellent talks. I assume all the talks will be available eventually on their website: . The Millennium […]

Mini Trip report: Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Brazil Node Co-Chairs Rosa Alegria and Arnoldo Jose de Hoyos organized (on short notice) a Future Work/Tech mini Charrette Workshop in Sao Paolo (on UN Day October 24th) that opened with 170 people half of whom had read the Portuguese translation of the three global scenarios before coming to the workshop. There were five […]

Mini Trip report: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Blaz Golob, Millennium Project Chair of the Slovenian Node and South East European Node, and President of the Foresight European Network organized a very successful 6th annual Ljubljana Forum that explores the future of cities. See: Both the Mayor and City Planner of Ljubljana acknowledged that these annual Forums contributed to the selection of […]

Mini Trip report: Madrid, Bilbao, Spain

The Millennium Project’s Global Work/Technology 2050 Scenarios were explored in Madrid and Bilbao, Spain and the possibility of creating a national workshop on beginning to develop Spain’s long-range strategies to address the issues raised in the scenarios. A national steering committee to create the workshop is being formed by key representatives of BBVA, Telefonica, FIDE […]

Mini Trip report: Seoul, South Korea

The Korea Testing Laboratory brought me to Korea to keynote their 50th anniversary celebration and talk with news media about future technolog requirements. and The following day, Youngsook Park, Chair of the Korean Node organized a workshop and mini half-day Charrette that developed elements for a national Korean strategy to address the […]

Mini Trip report: Baku, Azerbaijan

Dear friends: I was invited by Reyhan Huseynova from April 24th till April 30th to Baku, Azerbaijan, for participating at the Celebrations of the 10th anniversary of her Azerbaijan Futures Studies Society and the 6th Award Ceremony of the Global Millennium Prize. As a great hostess, Reyhan organized for me a wonderful program. She asked […]

Mini Trip report: Paris

Hi Everybody from soon to be buried Washington, DC in snow. Joshua Polchar of OECD’s strategic foresight unit brought together the foresight or strategy (or related) officers for all the OECD divisions (for the first time in one room Joshua said) to introduce The Millennium Project. We focused mostly on the Global Futures Intelligence System […]

Mini Trip report: Finland

Hi Everybody, The Finnish International Studies Association brought me to keynote their conference to better integrate political science, international studies, and futures research. While in Finland I also addressed the Finnish Institute of International Affairs and the Finnish Futures Research Center’s Foresight Certificate Program at the University of Turku. I also meet with representatives of […]

Mini Trip Report: Cartagena, Colombia: New Caribbean Node Initiative

Five Millennium Project Node chairs (Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela) and I were brought to Cartagena, Colombia by the Colombian Caribbean Observatory for the “Caribe 2013” conference on the future of the greater Caribbean basin. The conference was excellent; videos and ppt presentations of the 14 speakers will eventually be made available by […]

Mini Trip report: Beijing, China

The APEC China Business Council and APEC Business Advisory Council brought me to Beijing to give the opening address for the Global Innovator Conference and APEC Young Entrepreneurs Summit, which was covered by Xinhua news agency, CCTV, and others. I also had some short interviews with several local TV networks – so some good PR […]

Mini Trip report: Mexico City, San Francisco, and Beijing

I am little behind in my mini Trip reports, but right on time with the 2015-16 State of the Future – hope you have read it and find it good enough to keep on your desk as a reference. Mexico: Julio Millán, President of the World Future Society in Mexico brought me to Mexico City […]

Mini Trip report: Turku, Finland

Turku is the old capital of Finland and now the home of the Finland Futures Research Center, which produced an excellent two-day conference of 260 participants from 33 countries. The Prime Minister’s Office sponsored my trip to be the speaker for “Foresight Friday” organized by Sirkka Heinonen, the Co-Chair of the Helsinki Node. I shared […]

Mini Trip report: Astana, Kazakhstan

This was a quick two-day visit to Astana, Kazakhstan to speak on panel at the Astana Economic Forum about future of the world economy. Some of the others on the seven-person panel were Juha Kaskinen (rotating chair of the Millennium Project Node in Finland), John Naisbitt (futurist author), Richard Dobbs, Head of the McKinsey Global […]

Mini Trip report: Paris (France), Bilbao (Spain)

Six European Cities in Ten Days ending in Paris and Bilbao Am finally back in Washington, DC after an intense run of through six European cities in 10 days ending with Paris and Bilbao. In Paris, I spoke at Futuribles – probably the first think tank in Europe – to a mix of mostly business […]

Mini Trip report: Sofia, Bulgaria

The President of the Bulgarian Academy of Science and I signed a Memorandum of Understanding establishing the Bulgarian Node of The Millennium Project. Dr. Mariana Todorova is the Chair of the Node, who was the first in Bulgaria to receive a PhD in Futures Studies and is a Member of the Bulgarian Parliament. Her husband […]

Mini Trip report: Warsaw, Poland

The Polish Node of the Millennium Project organized a great visit. They brought me to Warsaw to help launch the State of the Future Indexes they created for the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia in cooperation which each of the Millennium Project Nodes of those countries. At the conference that shared the results of […]

Mini Trip report: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Amsterdam University College brought me to Amsterdam to speak about the State of the Future. Several members of the Potential Dutch Node attended the talk including the former CEO of Royal Dutch Shell (retired in 2009). Shell was one of The Millennium Project sponsors back in 1997. The next day I met with two […]

Mini Trip report: Brussels, Belgium

The European Commission’s KT (Knowledge Triangle of innovation, research, and higher education) 2050 scenarios project brought me back to Brussels for the fourth (and last) meeting of the team to review scenario drafts and suggest recommendations for EC priorities. A report is expected to be competed around the end of March, and then to layout […]

Mini Trip report: Madrid, Spain

Repsol Corporation brought me to Madrid to address their annual meeting of executive managers about future technologies with impactions for energy. In addition to an overview of tech, I also suggested that they create a State of the Future of Oil Index, create and update a full carbon sequence and reuse chart (Wikipedia-like), identify the […]

Mini Trip report: Seoul, Korea

YTN (TV & Radio News Corporation) brought me to Seoul, Korea to keynote the YTN Future Strategy Forum about global foresight strategies for innovative future Korea. Youngsook Park, Chair of the Korean Node organized series of television interviews and meetings with two innovative start-up companies in low cost nanotech graphene production and the other in […]

Mini Trip report: Brussels

The EC brought me back to Brussels for the third meeting of the 2050 Scenarios group for the future of innovation, research, and higher education. I came a few days prior to this meeting to speak to Prof. Francis Heylighen’s PhD candidates in the Global Brain Institute of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel about collective intelligence […]

Mini Trip report: Lima, Peru

The National Center for Strategic Planning (CEPLAN) of the Government of Peru, the National Council of Science and Technology, and the National Society of Industries brought me to Lima to speak at their 11th annual conference “Prospecta Forum,” and then meet informally with the CEPLAN staff the following day. Suggestions during the informal meeting ranged […]

Mini Trip report: Brussels

The European Commission’s KT (Knowledge Triangle: Innovation, Research, and Higher Education) 2050 Scenarios project brought me back to Brussels for the second group meeting. Three presentations were given as input to the scenario process: Demographics, Technology, and Globalization. I gave the talk on technology. Much of the discussions focused on the potential of the acceleration […]

Mini Trip report: Paris

This was an excellent joint meeting of the European Nodes of the Millennium Project and the European Regional Foresight College (ERFC), which joined forces to create “Foresight Europe.” Blaz Golob, Chair of The Millennium Project’s South East European Node was acclaimed by the group as its President and Cornelia Daheim, Chair of the German Node […]

Mini Trip report: Santiago, Brussels

The EC Horizon 2020 program plans to create European scenarios to 2050 on innovation, research, and higher education and produce a set of recommendations for the new leadership of the EC by next March. The EC brought me to Brussels to participate in the group that will create these scenarios and recommendations. The day before […]

Mini Trip report: Santiago, Chile

The UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean brought me to Santiago to address the global future and implications for the region sponsored in part by the South Korean government. Youngsook Park, Chair of The Millennium Project Korean Node also gave an excellent plenary address. Other participants in MP who spoke were Bill […]

Mini Trip report: London

En route from Athens to Washington I stopped off in London to welcome the new Chair of the UK Node of the Millennium Project – Rohit Talwar, CEO of FastFutures and launch the 2013-14 State of the Future with the London Futurists Meet-up lead by David Wood. Martin Rhisiart, will stay on as Co-chair with […]

Mini Trip report: Greece

The Secretary-General of Research and Technology for Greece has asked for short proposals for: 1) Tele-Greece to connect Greek investors living overseas with Greek businesses back home; 2) Greek State of the Future of S&T Innovation Index; and 3) a Collective Intelligence System for Greek S&T Innovation. The trip was hosted by the Greek Ministry […]

Mini Trip Report: South Korea

The Korean Future Science and ICT Forum brought me Korea to keynote their conference, which was well received and resulted with a meeting with Samsung’s Strategic Planning Team to explore relations. This visit began with a meeting of the Word Futures Studies Association organized by Youngsook Park, Korea Node chair to discuss: 1. […]

Mini Trip Report: Silicon Valley

En route to South Korea, I stopped off in Silicon Valley to launch the 2013-14 State of the Future and for an informal meeting of the Silicon Valley Node members and friends. The initial conclusion was the formation of a council to explore support for the creation of the Silicon Valley State of the Future […]

Mini Trip Report: Paris

Saphia Richou, Chair of the French Node organized a series of meetings highlighted by the presentation of the Global Futures Intelligence System at Magellis Consultants (who had produced the French version of the 2010 State of the Future). One participant at this Paris launch said: “This is a fabulous tool to simplify the complexity; you […]

Mini Trip Report: Brussels

The European Union Chapter of the Club of Rome invited me to speak at the 87th Aurelio Peccei Lecture & Dialogue-Enquiries on the Challenges of the 21st Century initiated by Philippe Destatte, Chairman of the Millennium Project ‘s European Millennium Project Nodes Initiative (EuMPI). The Brussels Launch of the Global Futures Intelligence System […]

Mini Trip Report: Bilbao

Ibon Zugasti (Chair of the MP Spanish Node put together an excellent program of talks and meetings in Bilbao beginning with a training program in how to use the Global Futures Intelligence System (GFIS) for the staff of Prospektiker (the host of the Node Spain that Ibon heads). The director of Cabinet of the […]

Mini Trip Report: Baku

The Baku International Humanitarian Futures Forum brought together 13 Nobel Prize Winners, 6 former Presidents, and over 600 leaders in their fields from more than 70 countries to explore “Converging Technologies and Outlines of the Future: Landmark Challenges of the 21st Century.” Among the participants sponsored by the Government of Azerbaijan from The Millennium Project […]

Mini Trip Report: South Korea

The former head of Information Technology at the UN in New York with whom I discussed creating a collective intelligence for the Secretary-General of the UN several years ago (the idea got lost in politics), is now the head of future strategy for the new President of Korea. I met with him at the Blue […]

Mini-trip: The Millennium Project Week in Baku, Azerbaijan

About 40 people from The Millennium Project gathered in Baku, Azerbaijan for an extraordinary week of meetings organized by Professor Reyhan Huseynova, Chairwoman of the Azerbaijan Node. There was extensive media coverage.* Some photos at: May 29 – 31st MP participants were guests of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic for […]

Washington, D.C. Mini Trip Report

Dear MP PC friends, Since Jerry always sends us his mini trip reports when he is traveling outside Washington, I wanted to send my own mini trip report now that I came to Washington. Jerry and I have had a very hectic agenda, with many meetings and presentations, Jerry explaining the MP, SOFI, 2012 SOF […]

Cairo, Egypt Mini Trip Report

Hello Everyone, Your heart has to go out to Egypt as it goes through the birth pains of a new nation. Dr. Kamal Zaki Mahmoud Shaeer, Chairman of The Millennium Project Cairo Node organized a great series of meetings and talks that has culminated in the request to create a collective intelligence system for Egypt […]

Spain Mini Trip Report

Ibon Ibon Zugasti (Chairman of the Spanish Node of The Millennium Project;jsessionid=127DD04797751CC4E25C23BD882FC881 and CEO of Prospektiker) packed a wonderful set of events organized around the 25 anniversary Prospektiker the futures consultancy in San Sebastian and Bilbao. My trip was sponsored by REPSOL, the oil company. I went straight to REPSOL from the airport to […]

South Korea Mini Trip Report

The Millennium Project continues its growth of activities in Korea lead by Youngsook Park, Chair of the Korean Node who now has purchased an online newspaper that publishes (among many other things) much of Millennium Project research and activities. With the Korean presidential election a few weeks away, there were much interest finding applications for […]

Azerbaijan Mini Trip Report

The Minister of Communications hosted Blaz Golob (South East European Node Chairman of The Millennium Project) and me to participate in BakuTel (leading telecom expo of the region) and the UN Internet Governance Forum in Baku. Reyhan Huseynova, Chairwoman of the MP Azerbaijan Node and the Minister made it possible for us to brief talk […]

Slovenia Mini Trip Report

Blaz Golob, chairman of the Millennium Project’s South East European Node (lead from Ljubljana, Slovenia) organized the excellent second annual Ljubljana Forum on the Future of Cities along with Miran Gajsek, head of City Planning of Ljubljana and Member of the MP Node there. Nine Mayors or Vice Mayors participated along with Ambassadors to […]

South Korea Mini Trip Report

Digital Media City in Seoul brought me to South Korea to keynote their 10th anniversary conference. The following day of the conference, Youngsook Park, Chairwoman of The Millennium Project Korean Node and I conducted a workshop on futures methods for Humanities and Technology Convergence Institute (Environmental Scanning including the forthcoming Global Futures Collective Intelligence System, […]

Mini Trip report on Toronto

July 25th Frank Catanzaro, Chairman of the Cyber Node conducted an orientation to the Node collaboration systems and Wes Boyer, MP CIO conducted an orientation on the Global Futures Collective Intelligence System. Both were webcast and will be linked to each other. July 26th and 27th The Millennium Project Planning Committee reviewed accomplishments over the […]

Silicon Valley Mini Trip report

Singularity University brought me out to their summer graduate program held at NASA/Ames in Silicon Valley to talk about high impact directions that address several of S.U.’s “grand challenges” that could affect one billion people. I selected seawater agriculture, collective intelligence, orbital solar power satellites, meat without animals, and increasing individual intelligence. Jose Cordeiro, […]

Finland Mini Trip report

The Finland Futures Research Center celebrated its 20th anniversary by bringing together 14 Futurists from around the world and 11 Futurists from Finland to explore the future of futures research (the participants are listed below – which included 5 Millennium Project Node chairs). The key themes of the all-day workshop included broadening participation in futures […]

New York City Mini Trip report

The reason for the trip was to give a talk at the InfoPoverty Conference at the UN. The day before the conference I stopped in the Rockefeller Foundation to give an update to Claudia and Evan about progress on MP fundraising and information systems. Claudia confirmed she will coordinate with Nancy on a meeting of […]

Vienna Mini Trip Report

(ok, maybe not so mini this time) On the way back home from visits to Slovenia and Montenegro, I stopped off in Vienna to give a talk for Club of Rome’s European Support Office and explore potentials for creating the Austrian Node of The Millennium Project. One of the members of the steering committee to […]

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